gas met

ITS copper pipe with LD-PE star shaped sheath, designed specifically for gas pipework systems in residential and industrial buildings.

Properties of Copper pipe
ITS annealed (R220) Cu-DHP grade phosphorus-deoxidized copper, with the following chemical composition: Cu + Ag: min. 99.90% – 0.015 % ≤ P (phosphorus) ≤ 0.040 % according to UNI EN 1412. Copper with low carbon content <0.05 mg/dm² (compared to C <= 0.20 mg/dm2 as laid down by standard UNI EN 1057), dimensions and tolerances according to standard EN 1057 and Italian gas committee standard UNI CIG 7129 or according to client specifications.

Properties of Insulation
LD-PE star shaped sheath, crush proof, that guarantees an air passage of 10 mm between the pipe and the external sheath according to UNI CIG 7129.
• Self-extinguishing: Class 1