Established in 1971, Zecchini was one of the first companies to produce and market insulated copper pipes.

Today, Zecchini is a leading company in the sector, with its longstanding experience in the market and unique know-how, its proactive focus on research and development of new technologies and solutions, always with a strong commitment to protecting the environment.
Company certified with
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Its range of products on the market for industrial, civil and automotive use is extensive and varied:

• pre-insulated copper pipes

(air-conditioning, heating and domestic water systems,
gas for industry and the automotive sector)

• various types of insulation

multi-layer, Pex, polybutylene, aluminium
and steel pipes for solar heating systems

Zecchini operates on the market via a network of sales agents and a widespread distribution system comprising retailers who operate in the construction, plumbing, heating and electricity sectors.

With its consolidated knowledge of the sector, ongoing improvements in the quality of the materials used and cutting-edge internal operating systems, Zecchini is a leading company in the sector concerning pipe insulation supplied to third parties.

Thanks to its exclusive and patented production processes, Zecchini insulates a wide range of pipes (copper, aluminium, steel, multi-layer, polybutylene and polypropylene) in coils and straight lengths for various uses (domestic water and heating, air-conditioning, geothermal, domestic gas and automotive gas systems, the petrochemical industry and much more). Zecchini also makes insulation with different materials (PVC, polyethylene, foamed polyethylene and polypropylene), always in compliance with current regulations and customer needs.

With forty years of experience in partnerships with third parties, Zecchini guarantees effective and efficient organisation of production, an excellent and popular all-round service (assistance with selecting materials and with technical, operational and logistics aspects), as well as a highly reliable customer service.