isosplit 2

Pre-insulated, ACR twin copper pipe, with condensation barrier designed specifically for split systems.

Properties of Copper pipe
ACR annealed (R220) copper; mechanical properties, dimensions, tolerances and eccentricity in conformity with standard UNI EN 12735-1. Can be used with refrigerants R407C and R410A gases, internal cleaning and dehumidifying with inert gas with max overall residue 0.034 g/sq m and ends sealed as laid down by ASTM B280.

Double closed-cell physically cross-linked expanded polyethylene insulating sheath with the following specifications:
• thermal conductivity at 40°C λ ≤ 0.040 W/m*K
• water vapour diffusion resistance (anti-condensation) factor μ ≥ 15000
• reaction to fire class 1
• operating temperature -80°/+120°C
• CFC free

External protective film (LDPE) in extruded polyethylene, white colour, with added flme retardant, adherent to expanded foam in order to guarantee a high level of anticondensation, high resistance to abrasion and tears.