guaina isosol

Insulating sheath.

Elastomeric (EPDM) insulating sheath for solar heating systems, made with closed "microcellular structure" and with the following specifications:
• Thermal conductivity at 40°C λ ≤ 0.040 w/mk
• Vapour diffusion resistance factor μ ≥ 5,000 (European standards EN 12086 – EN 13469)
• Reaction to fire CL 1 according to Italian standards UNI 8457 and UNI 9174, and standard DIN 4102-B2
• Operating temperature -50°/+150°C (with peaks up to 180°C)
• UV resistant
• Noise reduction down to 28dB (A) according to DIN 52218<

Black smooth polyolefin copolymer outer film featuring high mechanical strength,(beak-proof) and resistance to weathering and UV rays.